Free Team Building Activity 2: The Trust Circle

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An activity that requires trust and support is an exercise known as ‘The Trust Circle’.  The exercise involves a group of people and aims to encourage co-ordination, co-operation, risk taking and trust.  The group must stand in a circle holding a rope, (can also be done holding hands) taking turns to lean in and out of the circle to test the trust and support of others.

Task: To form a Yurt circle, where even numbered people pull back, and odd numbered people push forward.

You must remember that if everyone decides to take a risk and learn forward, there will not be enough support the keep the circular structure intact!  This is a great activity if you want to enforce trust amongst your work team.

What you will need:

A length of strong rope (at least a metre long for each person present), tied in a circle with a secure knot

10-100 people

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