Bank Job

The Bank Job

The Bank Job is a team game, each team represent part of special division of the London Metropolitan Police. The team task is to apprehend a foreign criminal gang who recently robbed a bank in London and got away with nearly £300,000. It is thought that the gang is holed up somewhere in the area and it is your job to find and catch them!

What it does

Sometimes you just wouldn’t know that people are working for the same organisation, so deeply ingrained is their desire to compete. And even if you decide to co-operate how do you convince others that you can be trusted and that you’ll reciprocate in terms of giving information and sharing costs? The Bank Job lets teams try for a win-win situation – and any team that doesn’t join in can expect a rough ride from the others!

Business Benefits

• highlights benefits of cooperation in terms of ‘costs’ and ‘budget’
• shows the wastefulness of duplication of effort
• illustrates the need to see ‘the whole picture’
• tests teams’ ability to ask the right questions
• allows teams to collate information to reach a solution

How much does The Bank Job cost?

Depends upon group size starting at £400


UK wide


Approx 2½ hours

Additional Information

Suitable for all size groups (4-6 per team)