Team Building - Birmingham


Being Britain’s largest city, Birmingham is able to offer an extensive range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.  Cadbury World is an extremely popular attraction, particularly amongst families and school groups but what about if you’re part of a corporate group?  At Blue Ocean, we provide team building activities for corporate groups right in the very heart of Birmingham.

El Dorado is an indoor activity that heavily involves co-operating as a team in order to achieve the end goal; to locate the treasure chest, open it with the correct key, and take it back to the start point! This team building activity encourages team work and motivation as it is very easy to become competitive whilst pursuing a game of El Dorado.

Enigma is a challenging activity that requires people to work as a team in order to tackle a series of tasks.  This may sounds pretty easy but there is a time limit of twenty minutes per activity zone so you and your colleagues will race against the clock to ensure you accomplish the challenges! Enigma encourages team work, increases efficiency levels and further develops existing skills.  It is a very popular team building activity.

School Sports Day were always fun; giant sack races, egg and spoon races were the best! At Blue Ocean Activities, we provide an action packed even with sports day classics and a few modern additions!  Teams will be able to choose from a variety of games and our brilliant activity instructors will judge and referee the event.

We provide a selection of team building activities in Birmingham that will make for great corporate events.