1st February, 2013

Six Nations Guide 2013

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It’s our favourite time of year again – oh yes, it’s the Six Nations season!  If you’re not absolutely buzzing for this weekend’s opening game which will see Wales thrash Ireland (we hope)…you’re either a) not Welsh or b) following the wrong shaped ball!

The City Centre will be heaving this weekend; an electric atmosphere will continuously pump through the capital that is iconic for rugby. Streets will be pouring with fans proudly displaying their passion; bars and pubs packed with high-spirited supporters; and elated outbursts of the Welsh National Anthem will be heard from left, right and centre.

Nothing can compare to the enthusiasm of the Welsh on an international rugby day.

If you’ve never been to a game at one of the most atmospheric venues in world rugby – the Millennium Stadium – here is a list of things that you should expect to find out on the day.

•   Nobody owns a colour other than red – even girls will co-ordinate red in to their going out attire
•   Several horns will go off in your ear
•   Subway/Burger King/McDonalds is the nation’s  favourite food for the day
•   Chippy Lane will actually serve customers in broad daylight
•   Everybody is your friend
•   It is acceptable to be tipsy before lunch time
•   You will be compelled to put your Facebook status as ‘Cymru am Byth’ (Wales Forever)
•   Face painting is not just for children
•   Everyone will be smiling, even when it’s raining
•   You’ll see so many Welsh flags that you’ll be able to draw one in your sleep!

Hope you all enjoy the game on Saturday!

Cymru am Byth!!!


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