Projector Hire


Projector Hire

If you are looking for a Projector Hire we are a Cardiff based company who can deliver and setup in the local and surrounding areas. Our hire prices start at just £50 for a standard desktop projector.

Questions to think about before you hire a Projector:

How many people attending? (Lumens is the brightness of the projector) A 2,200 lumens projector will usually be sufficient for a smaller meeting. A brighter projector will be needed for rooms with more natural light, bigger screens and larger audiences. As an example this Epson LCD projector features an SVGA resolution, digital zoom and an equally high White and Colour Light Output of 2,700 lumens. HDMI connection. Supplied with Pelicase 1500 for maximum travel protection.

Do you need a screen?
We can hire basic Tripod screens but if you are looking for a professional setup we recommend our Fast Fold screen these come with Rear or Front Fabric. Tripod screens can be hired for as little as £20- Fast Fold Rear Screen start from £150 price depends upon duration and if you require delivery and collection .

Fast Fold Rear Projection screens are used for a more professional appearance enabling the user to place a projector behind the screen- avoiding any shadows by the presenter.

Our standard Fast Fold Screen with Front or Rear Projection. Size: 234cm (7.5ft) x 138cm (4.5ft) height to floor is up to 94cm – 16:9 Format.

Screen Surround and Backdrop
Often a screen by itself can look bare. There are different ways to dress up a simple screen but the most common is a Pipe and Drape set up. Our Integrated Pipe & Drape Backdrop kit hire is also available for hire with black wool serge drapes (30ft x 10ft)

Do you need a PA system?
Most projectors come with a small speaker that’s useless for anything practical. There’s nothing worse than being unable to make yourself heard! If you’ve got sound with your presentation or video, make sure you hire a separate PA system to let people hear it. Quite often Powerpoint presentations include a music track or Sound effects which is completely wasted if it’s coming out of a tiny speaker. For that full multi media movie experience make sure your hire a suitable PA Speaker System.