Open Events

Open Events are designed for Individuals or small groups that dont have minimum numbers to book an activity. 

Open Event dates can often be added last minute typically within just a few days or even the day before so please keep a look at this page for updates. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY VISITED THIS PAGE  YOU MAY NEED TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE THE LATEST PAGE AND DATES !! (Internet Explorer or Chrome this is the circular arrow or arrows icon at the top of the page )

You can also buy Activity Gift Vouchers which are valid for 12 months


July 21st Saturday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

July 29th Sunday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

August 3rd Friday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

August 11th Saturday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

August 12th Sunday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

August 18th Saturday  Gorge Scrambling  & Abseiling  

August 21st Tuesday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

August 24th Friday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

August 30th Thursday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

September 1st Saturday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

September 8th Saturday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp- 

September 15th Saturday  Gorge Scrambling   £40pp-