Murder Mystery Evenings

Murder Mystery Evening- Ideally based around a 3 course evening meal, the scene is set by our professional actors skilled in the art of improvisation and will have your group assuming the roles of various characters embroiled in a gruesome crime. Everyone who participates will be considered a suspect, which one of you will finally be revealed as the murderer? Choose From…

Murder of a Millionaire

Your ‘traditional’ murder-mystery, but run in not-so-traditional way. Invite your guests to the will reading of the late Rick Rochester, a man worth millions. Watch as they compete to see who can win the inheritance by searching out his killer, an individual that is destined to strike again at the party. Did the butler do it? Or the jealous ex-wife? It is up to you and your guests to see if the murderer will be found guilty or go free…

Murder of the Mob –1920’s

A Night of Mystery & Intrigue in the Wild & Romantic Era of the Roaring 20’s! As one of Chicago’s elite, you won’t want to miss the party at a swanky speakeasy run by Rosie Marie. With the murder on the menu and mayhem in the cards, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable. From the mobsters and their molls, to the conniving cigarette girl and the blacklisted bootlegger, everyone has a motive for murder!

Host & Actors in costume (2-5 depends on group size)
PA system, Microphone & Speakers
Themed Music i.e. 1920’s etc.
Script, Evidence, Play Money & Props
Event Photographer & Free CD
Individual character descriptions assigned to guests
Invitations & background details sent to all guests beforehand
Presentation & Award Certificates