Gorge Walking Wales | Gorge Scrambling South Wales

Gorge Walking Wales - Cardiff, Swansea, Brecon Beacons

If you are looking for Gorge Walking in Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales then look no further.

What is Gorge Walking?

Gorge Walking Wales typically involves scrambling, climbing, crawling, waterfall jumps and much more. We have been running gorge walking for many years and have perfected the most challenging, exciting and adventurous experience in Wales.

What is the best location of Gorge Walking in Wales?

The Brecon Beacons national park is the perfect setting for Gorge Walking, it covers 500 square miles and has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. It also includes South Wales highest mountain- Pen y fan.

Within the Brecon Beacons Park Gorge Walking takes place in area known locally as Waterfall Country, both brimming with life and wreathed in legend! Only 45 minutes drive from Cardiff or 25 minutes from Swansea.

Please take a look at our Gorge Walking Wales routes page for full details.

Whats the difference between Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling and Canyoning?

When it comes to the terms gorge walking, canyoning, and gorge scrambling, there can be a lot of confusion. In Wales all three terms are interchangeable and describe the same activity. However as you can see from the photos and videos of our Gorge Walking Wales experience this is not just a simple walk in the park!

We generally refer to the activity as Gorge Scrambling because it’s more accurate, howver this term, this isn’t as commonly searched for.

You may find that Europeans refer to what we offer as “canyoning,” and Americans call it “canyoneering.” To really understand what our Gorge Walking Wales experience involves simply take a look at our video below.

What equipment do you need for Gorge Walking?

We provide you with all the equipment that you need for Gorge Walking Wales to make sure you stay warm and safe. We will supply you with suitable kit either a winter wetsuit or a two layered system i.e. full length & shorty. This will ensure a minimum of 6mm core to keep you as warm as possible to fully enjoy this activity. We will also provide buoyancy aids and helmets to keep you safe during Gorge Walking South Wales. We also offer neoprene socks – these are comfortable and help keep your feet warm much better than your socks will. Participants will only need to bring along a pair of old trainers or boots. In very cold conditions we also provide neoprene gloves.

If you want to arrange a booking for Gorge Walking Wales, then we need to have a minimum of four people per group. However, if you don’t have four people, don’t worry! We have plenty of open events you can join.

Here at Blue Ocean Activities, we offer the best Gorge Walking Wales experience. However, you don’t have to take our word for it – you’re free to take a look at the TripAdvisor reviews we’ve built up to see what previous customers have said!

If you’re after the ultimate weekend of adventure, then why not take a look at our Survival Skills experience and overnight Wild camping package? These pair wonderfully with the Gorge Walking South Wales experience and take place in an exclusive site that only your group has access to.

The Video & Photos on this page were taken from the routes we use in the Brecon Beacons- Copyright Blue Ocean Activities. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How challenging is Gorge Walking ? / What if a member of our group has a fear of heights/ confined spaces etc.? 
From the beginning of your Gorge Walking South Wales experience, the instructors will assess the ability of your group and adjust the route accordingly to suit your groups ability. The instructors can change the route to compensate for your ability and to adapt to the weather on the day. Ultimately we want you to have fun and be safe!

All of the challenging elements (bar one) are optional on the route. You are under no obligation to participate in an activity you aren’t comfortable with – just let us know, and you can sit it out. The only exception to this is the waterfall climb required to reach the next part of the route. However, every person that has tried our Gorge Walking Wales activity has completed the climb, so you’ll be fine!

So far as heights and confined spaces go, we’ll make sure to try and make a suitable route for you. However, it’s also important to test yourself, so you may find yourself inspired to tackle an easy climb or a brief confined space along the way – it is up to you

What is the minimum age? 

If you want to participate in Gorge Walking South Wales, you need to be at least ten years old! Unlike some competitor companies we do not mix stag groups or similar with family groups. It is also important to note that younger children (10 – 13) may struggle with the more challenging sections of the route. However an easier and alternative option will always be available.

To arrange a booking we require a minimum group size of 4, if you do not have a minimum group size you are welcome to join one of our open events.

Page Updated 17th November 2021


Gorge Walking Wales £35pp- £45pp depends upon your group size and route, contact us for details


Gorge Walking meeting location - Brecon Beacons, SA11 5NU. We do not provide free transport to the site. map


After many years running Gorge Walking Wales we have developed the optimal route which takes approx 3hrs this is actual activity time and will depend upon the size, fitness and ability of your group.

Additional Information

We will supply you with suitable kit, participants will only need to bring along a pair of old trainers or boots.