Enigma Description

Enigma is a popular team event, being very adaptable to nearly all-outdoor venues and group sizes. The simple format quickly gets people working together, achieving results and having fun. Participants (ideally in teams of 4 to 6 people) tackle a series of intriguing team challenges.

Within each activity zone (a cordoned off area) lies a hidden challenge. On entering the activity zone, each team has 20 minutes to overcome the challenge contained within. Points are awarded for success or partial success, in overcoming the challenge.

The Enigma challenge can be completed purely for fun or provide the opportunity to evaluate key business skills.


Outdoor Team Building Activity

How much does Enigma cost?

£25- £45pp (depends upon group size) Minimum Price £500

Enigma Location

UK wide, requires some outdoor space.


2-3 Hours

Additional Information

Venue Hire is not included in the price

Enigma – Example Challenges

Chemical Rescue
After a dangerous chemical spill four containers pose a risk witin a contaminated zone. Using a complex system of suspended ropes and pulleys the team must work together to extract the containers from the zone

The Micro Dot
One half of the team have a complex map of the circuits of a micro-dot. They must communicate the detail fo the circuit over one-way radio to the other half of the team who attempt to re-create the circuit before passing it on to Special Intelligence.

Radio Active
Teams are faced with an unexploded bomb which urgently needs defusing. The bomb is liquid weight activated, and highly sensitive. The challenge is to measure out the extract amount of radioactive material to avoid detonation. However the measuring equipment is far from straight forward..

Minefield Crossing
An advanced support team has cleared one safe path through a grid of 100 squares. They left a map but this has unfortunately been stolen by troublesome local savages. The team must work their way across the grid, but the mines are volatile so they cannot speak.

The Rope Bridge
On a remote expedition your team has been crossing an area covered in quickstand (sectioned off area) vital equipment has fallen into the quickstand which needs to be retrieved using only the equipment provided.

What is included:
• Event Manager & Assistants
• Challenges & Equipment
• Event Tent & Bunting
• Public Liability Insurance