Each team receives four colour coded briefing sheets and a map. The briefing sheet explains that Treasure has been hidden somewhere in the area on the enclosed map. In order to open the treasure chest, teams need one of five keys which are also hidden in the area. The teams task is to reach the treasure chest, open it with the correct key, and take the treasure back to the start point as quickly as possible.

• Facilitator(s)
• Team Briefs
• Handouts

Business Benefits

Eldorado can be used at either the start of a course to identify the need for teamwork, or at the end of the course to bring everything together and give groups a chance to put team work lessons into practice.

How much does Eldorado cost?

Depends upon group size starting at £400


UK wide


Approx 1½-2 hours

Additional Information

Suitable for all size groups (4-6 per team)