8 ways to keep your climbing ropes safe.

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So your out climbing or Canyoning and you’ve just set up ready for decent.  Over the past few months you haven’t been looking after your equipment properly and suddenly, BAM, your trusty rope breaks and you fall. 

climber rope maintenance.

 This is a climbers idea of a horrific nightmare,  but by following these simple steps, you can be sure this wont happen to you!

Canyoning expert Tips

1-Never step on your ropes.

2- Hang your ropes to dry after use.  If they get wet, ensure they don’t get sandy or dirty.

3 – When a rope does get dirty or gritty make sure you clean it properly then hang to dry.

4- Inspect your ropes.  Make sure the sheath hasn’t been penetrated to expose the core.

5- Keep ropes away from battery acid, grease and chemicals.

6- When marking the rope, make sure it’s a phenol free marker, or use tape to be safe. 

7- NEVER allow rope to scrape sideways when loaded.

8-Use a contingency anchor or a releasable hitch to adjust points of abrasion.