Survival Skills & Wild Camping Description

Our Survival skills & Wild Camping experience takes place in the Brecon Beacons where you will be taught essential survival skills that will enable you to create a functioning expedition camp. Using a variety of techniques you will learn how to make your own comfortable natural shelter, how to light and manage a fire, how to arrange a fire for cooking and many other wilderness skills.

At the end of this experience you will have learned some very useful skills and acquired an enhanced understanding of the natural world and how it can provide for all the necessities of life.

survival skills and wild camping Half Day Survival skills typically include:
*Emergency Shelter Building
*Friction Fire and other methods
*Finding and sustaining water
*How to arrange a fire for cooking

A full day Survival skills may also include:
*Foraging- search for edible foods

You can book  our Survival Skills experience on its own or include a full nights overnight Wild Camping 

Wild Camping Overnight

This experience takes place on remote privately owned land 
within the Brecon Beacons National park, you need to be self sufficient as your group will be building a shelter to sleep under for the night. A parachute canopy for large groups, Tarpaulin sheets & basic equipment will be supplied for shelter construction. Your overnight stay will also include an evening meal and breakfast which you will be preparing. Seasoned dry wood is supplied for your camp fire. After you have constructed your shelter and had your evening meal you can relax around the camp fire, adult groups are welcome to bring along their own drinks. Participants will need to bring along their own sleeping bag & matt.

As we are all aware weather conditions can vary quickly in the UK from sunshine to heavy and continuous downpours. Due to the possibility of adverse weather conditions (at any time of year) we would recommend groups to bring their own tents as a backup.

The price for overnight wild camping includes: Evening meal, Breakfast & drinks,Coffee & Tea / Orange Juice, Seasoned firewood, parachute canopy & materials for a basic shelter

Wild camping can be booked with Survival Skills but not on its own.

Survival skills and wild camping

To arrange a booking we require a minimum group size of four, if you do not have a minimum group size you are welcome to join one of our open events.