Benefits of Outdoor Activities

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It is advised that adults should exercise thirty minutes a day; children on the other hand, should aim to engage in physical activity for about an hour everyday.  However, less than half of us achieve these recommended goals.  We should try and increase our physical activity levels by finding enjoyable activities that we can take part in, as a family, on a regular basis.  Read on to find out about family activities that provide fun and increase fitness levels!

Due to its stunning scenery and vast open spaces, Ireland is able to offer an extensive range of activities for familes.  Fortunately, the majority of these activities are free or low cost.  Whether you opt for a water activity or a dry land activity, you will be able to find an activity to suit your family’s needs.

Orienteering at Avondale Forest Park

This popular park is about an hour’s drive south of Dublin.  With a picnic area and playground, families can’t fault Avondale Forest Park.  The permanent orienteering courses are a main attraction and you can choose from three courses depending on your experience.  The short course is basically an introduction to orienteering so if you’ve never done this outdoor pursuit before, this course is ideal.  Although the short course is perfect for beginners, it still provides a more adventurous experience than simply going for a walk.  Orienteering often involves individuals competing against each other at a rapid pace however, you can also carry out this fun outdoor pursuit as a group, making it a perfect activity for families.  Avondale Forest Park provides plenty of physical activity, not just through Orienteering.  The park has six marked walking trails and we all know that walking is a fantastic way to keep fit.

Horse riding in County Kerry

Burke’s Horse Trekking Centre is the perfect option for a family horseback trek.  As it is located on the coast, you can enjoy a trek along the beautiful Rossbeigh Beach which spans across seven miles.  Whether you ride along the beach or follow a trail on the nearby hills, you will discover breathtaking views.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on a horse before, Burke’s Horse Trekking Centre can cater to all abilities and ages – even toddlers!  Choose from a one, two or three hour trek at any time of the year.  Horse riding has many health benefits and provides an enjoyable day out for the whole family.

Wales is another country that can offer outdoor activities.  Families can enjoy taking part in exciting and challenging experiences in renowned outdoor spaces.

Kayaking in Wales

The River Wye is a great place for kayaking.  Families can learn the basics of kayaking within half a day whilst exploring the nearby coastline – you may even spot a few seals!  Kayaks used are self-bailing so they are completely safe for beginners however, it is still advised to take out travel cover to ensure that you are insured for any unforseen accidents during your supervised activity.  Kayaking is a fun family activity that helps to maintain good mental health through being surrounded by nature.  It is also a fantastic form of exercise!