Activity Weekends in France

Our Activity Weekends in France provide an adrenaline fuelled experience of Canyoning and Via Ferrata at the country’s most stunning mountain range, the French Alps.

Whilst on this Activity Weekend you will discover picturesque views at Lake Annecy, or as the French would say, Lac d’Annecy! This luxurious location offers attractions all year round due to the vast amount of sunshine – 300 days to be exact!  It also offers an extensive range of water sports, making it the perfect place for an Activity Weekend – prepare yourself to get very wet!

Make the most of this thrilling Alpine adventure as you ride down gorges and waterfalls; scramble up rocks, plunge off waterfalls and much more!  Canyoning is a fun-filled activity that will get your heart racing.

An exclusively exhilarating experience, Via Ferrata will have you discovering unknown terrains, experiencing the unique sensation of being at high altitudes and the feeling the satisfaction of physical effort.   Take in the breathtaking views as you travel over waterfalls, across rivers and down ladders; plunging in to small valleys – Via Ferrata is an exciting activity that will complete your Activity Weekend!

Activity Weekends in France are packed full of energy, adventure and excitement.  They make for a popular Stag Activity and a fantastic adventure fix.  Enjoy three nights away at the outstandingly beautiful French Alps.