Activity Holidays

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To set out on an activity holiday is an exciting journey in itself; to do this whilst admiring the beauty of an unfamiliar city is one of life’s little luxuries. Heading to Europe for an activity holiday is something that should be etched on to bucket lists for those who have them – a ‘must do’ in life!

So what makes activity holidays in Europe so special?

Europe has a lot to offer for enthusiastic travellers. Whether it’s the delectable cuisine, fascinating history or outstanding art and architecture, a European city is bound to have you captivated from the moment you step off the plane. With an activity holiday you can enjoy exploring the culture and hidden treasures of a city in between participating in an activity that you love.

If you’re a water sports fanatic, why not head to the South of France for your activity holiday? Make the most of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea whilst water skiing or try wakeboarding in the warm Gulf of St. Tropez as the sun watches over you.

Although it’s renowned for being home to the most delicious ice-cream and for brewing the best coffee in Europe, Italy has more to offer than fantastic gastronomy. Head to the Gulf of Naples to take in spectacular views of ancient destroyed cities whilst you climb up the legendary volcano; Mount Vesuvius.

The beauty of taking an activity holiday in Europe is that travelling time is minimal; it’s not as if you’ll be on a long haul flight to Down Under! Embarking on an activity holiday in Europe leaves you with wider options – you can travel for as little or as long as you like. For instance, if you only fancy a short weekend of enthralling activities, the journey will be worth it. A long travelling time would mean that you would have to go on a longer trip to make your activity holiday worthwhile – there wouldn’t be much point in travelling ten hours to America for a long weekend! Europe is definitely on the map for activity holidays.

Wherever you choose to go in Europe, you will have a cherished experience of activity holidays.