Team Building Facilitation

Our standard Team Building Facilitation typically includes:

• Preparation and organisation of your chosen activity
• Group briefing & instructions
• Management of the event
• Presentation of certificates or prizes to the winning team

Our Business style Indoor Team Building activitiesForest Challenge and Enigma activities also provide the opportunity to evaluate key business skills, our Facilitator & assistants can assist with observations & feedback. Key Business skills include:

• CommunicationTeam Building Facilitation blue ocean team events
• Abstract Reasoning
• Planning
• Adaptability
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Trust

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If your team has specific business issues that it needs to address you may require a higher level of facilitation with a specialist ‘Performance Improvement Facilitator’ (PIF). It is your job to know what you want – your outcome (and you may need help to surface that). Your facilitator’s job is to work with you to find the best way to get what you want. Performance Improvement Facilitators are specialists in devising how to get results.

Rates for PIF’s start at £175+ if you require an advanced level of facilitation through a Performance Improvement facilitator please ask for details upon booking.