Coasteering Description


Coasteering in Wales is a high adrenaline outdoor adventure activity for groups and stag weekends in Wales, particularly those staying in Cardiff or in Swansea. It began over 100 years ago in the UK and is now proving to be the ultimate coastal adventure activity in Wales. Coasteering involves climbing, scrambling, traversing, cliff jumping and swimming in some of the most spectacular coastal regions in Wales. You’ll find yourself swimming through sea caves, climbing along untouched coastal regions and jumping into the sea.

A unique Coasteering adventure is guaranteed no matter what the conditions, whether the sea is completely calm and the sun is shining or if there are lots of waves pounding against the cliff bases. Our qualified coasteering adventure guides will take you to beautiful, untouched, rugged locations along the Pembrokeshire coastline where you’ll enjoy, clean, unsullied wilderness, brimming with idyllic coves, sandy beaches and rocky headlands.

Coasteering Pembrokeshire

A particular favorite is coasteering in pembrokeshire, it is the arguably the best location in Wales Coasteering. If you want a good idea of coasteering in Pembrokeshire check out our video which shows some clips from various coasteering trips to the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy and other various locations in St Davids. The coastline is open to the Atlantic Ocean and can get some great surf, especially in the autumn and winter months, it is also littered with gullies and hidden caves to explore. The coastline in this area lends itself perfectly for this activity and when the sun hits the water you get a welcoming aqua blue colour that positively invites you to jump in!

Lonely Planet: World’s Greatest Adventures

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire was listed among the world’s greatest adventures in a new Lonely Planet guidebook and as one of the best places to visit in the world during spring according to the National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

Coasteering Gower

We can also provide coasteering on the Gower (South Wales) coastline, however this area is very dependent upon tide times which means it can only be run just before a high tide, it also has limited jumps compared to West Wales and although the water is very clean you dont get that same tropical aqua blue coloured water as you do in West Wales. However if you are looking for something more local to Cardiff or Swansea this is a fun route, but you may also want to consider Canyoning, (only 45 minutes from Cardiff City Centre -an extremely popular alternative).

To arrange a booking we require a minimum group size of four, if you do not have a minimum group size you are welcome to join one of our open events.

Photos- For this activity we regularly take along a high resolution head camera and supply photographs FREE OF CHARGE via our Facebook page after the event. As this is a free service we cannot always guarantee a camera will be available  and we cannot guarantee the quality of photos, so please feel free to bring along your own waterproof camera also.


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